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You can help as get going and offer you a better experience and avoid advertising by donating to our station! If you enjoy our service then you can help us maintain it and make it better! is always going to be free with very little or no advertising. We are doing this because we love rock music.

The donations are given through Paypal and not through absolute-rock! We will never ask you for personal information or for credit card info etc. Its up to you to deside whether or not you will donate and the desired amount you want to donate! Even 1 Euro is a great help.

To be fair, donors wont be treated any different than other users. Every user is equal for us, we are open to comments and requests to our Facebook page (as many of you already know) and we intent to keep it that way… we expect you to do it from your hurt and not to gain something.

Thank you very much for your help and support